Top 10 Popular Sites Written With Django Web Framework

Top 10 Popular Sites Written With Django Web Framework

We at KeyUa Software take great pride in the fact that we are created with Python accompanied by the Django web framework. No marvel that we didn’t get there first. Some of the market’s finest and widely used websites and applications are exclusively built using the very same open source development software. The success of this venture was encouraged by the power of the Python language and Django framework.  

If you have underlying intentions to build a website consisting of a couple of pages, Django really does not fit for you with its high-security reassurance, exceptional scalability, dynamic development and pragmatic functions. It looks as though it is broad and solid, like something I will be treating at great length once I carry the guns. 

Chasing the market with a winning solution is always much more exciting than the conquest anyway, there is one point, however, that fascinated me about the python programming language, as I could hardly wait to find out what sites use Django features that make their products distinguishable from those of their competitors... So, while I was chasing after them on fit to bust all over, I suddenly came to realization that the Django web framework is actually much more versatile than it appears. It was found that the world’s most important and most exciting developments are based on technology that’s powered by Python.  

Okay, since I’m doing some quiet investigating right now chasing new leads to the next case on the calendar with an ace up my sleeve, I offer you to check through the page of popular Django powered sites and let us know if any are missing. 

Django’s capabilities were initiated in a challenging dynamic environment, it was built to make it suitable for any purpose of Web-development to make handling and execution of tasks easier and faster.  

The most popular social media avenue Instagram is an entertaining and enjoyable way to share your view of the world with friends through a particular sequence of pictures, making people connect with you. Oh yes, sure, this platform is powered by Django that provides appropriate tools required to scale for a constant stream of content. Make a photo with your smartphone, then pick a filter for the image in order to cherish the event as the pleasant memory. Instagram community enables you to be aware of your friends’ moments, feelings experiences and attitudes. We believe the world is more connected communicating experience through social photo sharing. 

Mahalo is an online human-powered directory tailored to provide information and answers on specific issues. Useful in obtaining information and guidance from an expert on topic pages, progressing and gaining experience or new skills from how to do articles, engaging in clear and direct ask and answer questions routine on Mahalo.  

These are just a few of the many options resourcefully available when developing new products with Django. Django powered Disqus is a blog comment hosting service that enables great opportunities for the creation of online communities. As the Internet's most popular and trusted discussion revenue, Disqus touches and offers tips on pretty much any range of topics on the agenda or likely to arouse. The magic ingredient needed to spark on all cylinders of interest is connecting people to stuff they enjoy talking about.  

Pinterest. They use specially modified version of Django alongside with python to handle controlling at the application layer. They have 70 million active and registered users worldwide and steadily gaining in a competitive situation being visited by 33 million of unique visitors per month in USA. 

Bitbucket is a scalable web-based hosting solution that use either the Mercurial or Git distributed version control systems. Bitbucket supports both commercial and free business plan. It enables you to initiate unrestricted private and public repositories which can sign up to five users in the event of free accounts. If a user has only private repositories, they are not intended to be shown on profile pages they will not appear to be visible like there are no repositories at all until the user commence a public repository.  

The Mozilla web browser is a traditional example of how open-source communities count on open-source software to feed their platform. The official Mozilla support homepage is programmatically Django-powered application.  

The Onion receives countless of page-views on a monthly and biweekly basis, that’s the reason why they have picked Django to run their content. Django enables to produce a great range of websites, it doesn’t really controlled or limited in any way. Chess is among the most played strategic games worldwide, to construct such a website and to create a fully functional relational database, you require a lot of database interaction and understanding how various rows interact with each other. It's quite incredible, right? 

Django is a wraparound development framework, and Coordinato an appointment reminder software is an illustrative example. Use the Coordinato service to set and configure your reminders by means of SMS messaging, voicemail or email in a way that is appropriate to the particular circumstances. 

Reddit Gifts is a popular online gift exchange community where members are able to share material gifts with each other. The service has been going for a few years now, and reported to show markedly good results. The whole site has been constructed exclusively with Django. 

The picture before you is the official website of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Django is employed in part of the website and the website is viewed by 2 million of unique visitors per month from USA.  

These are some truly fascinating websites, they may offer different functionalities, various services and features, but they all seem to add up into a single unit called Django that acquired an immense power of recognition and demand as a prevailing standard. Take a moment out of your busy schedule to leave a comment about your own creations and we will make sure to check it out, and even consider it as good prospects for our upcoming post!