Building Under Construction

Building Under Construction

You can easily compare Website building with the art and practice of designing the outdoor environment, designing parks or gardens together with construction of buildings and roads, engineering structures such as a bridge or dam, anything that you are considering as an artistically full-valued architecture. Before beginning to work on the website as well as before building something, typically a large structure there is there is a particular site preparation work that must be carried out for a roughcast to make sense and give the results you expect. So architectural engineering gradates into website enegineering and the results are prototypes with a coarse-grained approximation of what it is actually going to be. Vision produced images are distinguished by 3 groups: sketch, wireframe and prototype.  


Website projection begins with sketch of the development of attitude, that generally contains wordy definition. As we have seen in previous chapters, visualization methods are varied, Sketch visualization is done without taking any time for real content to be only approximately accurate shown in correct proportion at the expense of distorted shape. 

The task of producing a sketch is to prove that you are correct and to illustrate main blocks: where a visual image is formed, text and main menu should be. To draw a rough sketch pencil or simple graphic editor would be more than enough to predict accurately enough what products would be obtained from the raw material in each case. 


Wireframe structure maintains much closer link between the final production version of the website determining its expected style, logical and content parts of the website. That is to say, we design web pages, insert images, texts, links, popups and other useful implements of the website, connect them in architectural integrity. So far the results are showing the way. 

There is no approach to artistic appearance or aesthetic matters on purpose on this stage. The main object of wireframe is to reach a sense of the scope of the website architecture, to fix logics and content blocks. The wireframe is individually responsible for the maximum likelihood estimation of the project. Manufacturers are cagey about the recipes they use to create a wireframes, but as to us we use WireframeSketcher that enables developers to design dynamic forms for highly interactive wireframes and helps to simulate navigation and use-case.  


Prototype is a vanguard of technical development it’s a dynamic and flexible front-end, that displays a complete solution in the default appearance and the exact behaviour of the web app. Sketch layout of a Prototype is designed for big projects where time is typically equal both for a specified closed testing and applicability enhancements. We manage to build prototypes using or create webapp by virtue of the logical form of Django web application framework, to show that admin panel elements are absolutely certain to work. 

1.Functionality and preferences specification  

Website engineering is a great outlet for the imagination of thousands words about the project and putting them into several images. At this stage of the game we can see a clear improvement where we can enhance logic and performance optimization or find a few definite weak spots. If project development is characterized by a number of iterations, wireframe construction is a must-be requirement. 

2.Realistic what is expected  

Wireframe is an amazing and transparent way to work your way through all of your tasks one at a time imposed as a fixing and tangible result template. Scaling a wireframe representation it is easier to deal with the result of induced or spontaneous change of any element in web application structure and it is the first step towards controlling complexity. Wireframe cuts the apparent differences leading to faulty text perception and chances that prevent client’s expectations from being realized.  

3. Economy of time and effort  

Wireframes are created in such a way as to kickstart future content. At the conceptual stage of visualization the sections’ and design hierarchical architecture, points in main menu and ways of sorting can be readjusted as circumstances dictate. Since wireframing is processed to allow quick preparation, changes can be obtained easily. Creating wireframes we are concerned not only with the layout of basic elements, but we build assets, design a set of separate components to be assembled and edited for all pages at the same time like the use of beams in architectural construction, rather than only arches or vaulting. 

4.Budget optimization  

The greatness of the consequences likely to follow from the thing just mentioned. It is the matter of many hours saved at this stage: every change will reduce hours of work of a developer and during planning maintenance it may last for several minutes. Fairly often for fixed price services engineering projection is an excluded case. But there is growing evidence that economy at this stage may result in the significant growth of the budget and exceeded deadlines.  

5. Controlling growth and development  

Wireframe projection is essential for planning works and executors, implementation and control.. You may think that a client pays for developer’s amenity and is concerned with applying the technology to practical business problems having no conceivable influence on the project. But efficient planning of operation and performing a task or order assignment may decrease twice product development lead time. Prototyping the UI of a website or an app lets you carry out user tests under actual operating conditions before developing the final product and this is a quick recap of the idea and its main advantages! So Don’t Wait! Go Prototyping!