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28 Apr 2017
Flask or Django?
What makes Python frameworks great and powerful and is there so much difference between those?
18 Apr 2017
What do you need to know about the bot development
It is knowledgable to solve on going problems with your bot, and understand people from all walks of life.
12 Apr 2017
Android or iOS - which mobile platform should you choose?
Is it better to build Android or iOS app ? Let's see.
06 Apr 2017
Why Django for startups
Find your approval here
30 Mar 2017
Ruby on Rails VS Python and Django
Come and figure it out what works best for you!
22 Mar 2017
The practices of working with a virtual team
You might not have a completely close encounter but here are some pointers on how to go about the task with those virtual co-workers.
Want to develop an app like Uber or Airbnb?
Well then, take a seat and let's begin!
08 Mar 2017
Top 10 Popular Sites Written With Django Web Framework
No marvel that we didn’t get there first. It works!
02 Mar 2017
Building Under Construction
Five reasons to prototype website before development
28 Feb 2017
What does MVP really mean?
20 Feb 2017
Steps for Building a Great Startup Team
So how can you be sure your team is of the highest calibre? Here are four steps to find out!
14 Feb 2017
What is an A/B testing
A/B testing is a cost-beneficial solution that provides a clear vision of the real trackable visitors behavior.
08 Feb 2017
Hoist The Colors High
AARRR!!! Startup Pirate Metrics
02 Jan 2017
Why You Should Start a Blog
So how can you stand out in a crowd tapping into a universal reservoir of information?